White Spotted Eagle Ray
The White Spotted Eagle Ray, a.k.a Spotted Eagle Ray, grows to at least 3.5 meters disc width and 9 meters in total length, with a maximum weight of 230 kilograms. Current research on this species may reveal that what is being called the White Spotted Eagle Ray may in fact be several species.The Spotted Eagle Ray has a long snout, flat and rounded like a duck's bill, a thick head, and a pectoral disc with a sharply curved, angular corners, and no caudal fin; jaws usually with a single row of flat, chevron-shaped teeth. Each tooth is a crescent-shaped plate joined into a band. They usually have numerous white spots on a black or bluish disc, with white below. They have a long, whiplike tail, with a long spine near the base, behind a small dorsal fin.