The Orange-lined Triggerfish, also known as the Orange-striped Triggerfish, or
Orange-lined Triggerfish
Undulated Triggerfish is a species of triggerfish of the tropical Indo-Pacific area. It is the only member of its genus. They reach a maximum size of about 30 cm. They feed on coral, crabs and invertebrates. They are found up to around 50 m deep in tropical waters. The Orange-lined Triggerfish is a hardy member of a saltwater aquarium. It however has a reputation as one of the meanest fish in the aquarium trade. Sometimes young individuals will accept tank-mates but an owner should expect this fish to kill most fish and invertebrates that share its aquarium. Serious consideration should therefore be made for keeping this
Orange Striped Triggerfish
fish alone. The minimum tank size to keep a small fish alone is 190 L. It is a slow growing fish, but as it gets older it will likely need a larger aquarium.