Clown Triggerfish
The Clown Triggerfish is a type of Triggerfish. This species is a primarily marine species, and is found in tropical Indo-Pacific coastal waters from 1-75 metres in
Clown Triggerfish perfect shot
depth (3-250 ft). This fish is generally uncommon or rare throughout its range, which includes East Africa to South Africa, through to Indonesia, and all the way to Japan and New Caledonia. The clown triggerfish is most commonly found around coral reefs. It lives in clear coastal to outer reef habitats. Juveniles are rarely seen because they shelter in caves and crevices below 25m. There is a vertical, white (slightly yellow) stripe on the caudal fin. The brightly painted yellow mouth may be used to deter potential predators. This fish has a form of camouflage that is, or is similar to, countershading. The fish can reach up to about 50 cm (20 in) in length. It has strong jaws which are used to crush and eat sea urchins, crustaceans and hard-shelled mollusks.Because of its attractive coloration, this fish is one of the most highly prized aquarium fish. Like many other triggerfish, it can require a large aquarium and be aggressive towards other fish. It should not be kept with small fishes. It will also prey on invertebrates in the aquarium. This fish can become tame enough to be hand-fed; however, one should beware of the fish's sharp teeth.